Terms and Conditions of Use

Welcome to the world of Educator®. Educator® provides online educational services which include video lectures, quizzes, exercise files and online community features.

User Agreement for Access to the Educator, Inc. World Wide Website

I. General Disclaimers

Terms of Agreement provide for the legal terms by which you are bound when you use Educator® services. If you use Educator® Services then you are bound by these legal terms whether or not you are a member of Educator®. You can only use Educator® Services if you accept these terms of Agreement. If you do not accept these terms then you should not use any of the Educator® Services. You must also accept the rule that Educator® has the power/authority to change any part of its services and its charges according to its wish. If Educator® finds out that you have broken this Agreement then at any time Educator® may remove your posts, and suspend or terminate your access to a part or all of the Educator® Services.

II. Eligibility

Educator® Services should not be used where they are prohibited. Educator® Services is only meant for adults or children 13 years old or older. If a child is below 13 years then his/her registration should be done by a parent or legal guardian in order to avail of the benefit of Educator® Services. There would be an option available in student profiles with the help of which their profiles can be linked to a parent account. Parents are also allowed to utilize Educator® Services.

III. Billing Conditions

With an exception to the six and twelve month plan, you are signing up for a recurring subscription service where you will be billed at the beginning of each term. The term for the one month plan is 30 days. If you cancel within a billing cycle, you will still have access to the remaining subscription. Six and twelve month plans are to be paid in full at the beginning of their term and constitute 180 days or 360 days, respectively, of use.

IV. Proper Use

In order to use Educator® Services you must

V. Prohibited use

You must accept that you will not use Educator® services to take any of the following steps

VI. License to User Contributions

The Educator® Services are meant for you to provide and distribute content and take part in discussion threads and other forums. You are responsible fully for all the content and stuff which is posted in the forum or is transferred privately. You represent that you have all the legit property rights in the content or stuff you contribute. When you distribute or publish any content or material through Educator® Services, you give Educator® a restricted power or license to utilize, modify, remove, add, display in the public, reproduce and distribute such content without limitation.

Educator® will also have the power to retain and utilize comments, feedback suggestions or any other information for any kind of purpose. The license will apply to transfer or distribution in any form or technology.

VII. Intellectual Property Rights

The Educator® Services have copyright, trademark and legal laws and Educator® has the power and rights in the Educator® Services. Without the prior written permission of Educator®, you cannot use Educator®'s copyrights, trademarks, patents and trade secrets.

Educator® and its users or licensors own all materials and stuff which are made available through the Educator® Services. Modification, imitation, copy, distribution, reproduction or republication of any content made available through Educator® Services is prohibited and should not be done without prior written permission of Educator®. All eligible members are allowed a restricted license to access and utilization of Educator® Services and to download and get a copy of data posted on the Educator® website only for your personal or non business use. At any time this license is revocable without any notice or any reason.

VIII. Submissions Policy

Users are allowed to submit to us on a non confidential basis any related educational content which are owned and created by them. You must understand that Educator® is under no obligation to assess or utilize the materials you submit and that we may use content submitted by any third parties and the content you submit to us may be similar to the content which me create privately. You do have 100 % rights in the content you submit to us, but however you accept that you will not file any claim against Educator® or any of our customers if the content you submitted to us is similar to content made available by Educator® Services.

IX. Copyright violations.

Educator® always replies promptly to any claims of misuse of property. If you are sure that your work or content has been copied or imitated and is made available on the Educator® services in a way that comprises of copyright infringement, you must notify Educator®'s copyright agent with the following information in writing:

After receiving the claim of infringement, Educator® will asses and investigate the matter and will take necessary actions under the DMCA and any other related property laws. When proof in accordance with DMCA is found out, Educator® will remove or restrict access to any content claimed to be copied and take necessary steps to notify you that the content or article has been removed.

X. Mailings

If you want to get email updates from Educator® for example when you create an account on Educator® and submit your email address and check mark the box saying receive emails from Educator® you are giving consent to receive emails from us about our products, services or any other news. Terms of Service will apply to all such emails as all such emails will be considered as a part of Educator® Services.

XI. Third Party Links

The provision of links to websites or locations other than Educator® is for your convenience only and it does not signify our affiliation with any such websites or locations. We do not review and have no power or access over these websites and locations and their content.

XII. No Warranty

The accuracy or the integrity of the content contained in the Educator® Services is not guaranteed. You should not be dependant on any of the content of Educator® Services.

We are not liable for the posts made by the users in any section of the Educator® Services. You may see content which you may find offensive, rude or false and you have to bear all the dangers associated with use of that content. We are not obliged to remove any content which violates these terms of service but we do have the right to remove it. The content provided in Educator® Services is “AS IS” and Educator® does not guarantee that any of the content is legit, reliable and complete. ACCORDINGLY, EDUCATOR®, ITS SUPPLIERS AND OTHER MEMBERS CONTRIBUTING INFORMATION TO THE EDUCATOR® SERVICES DO NOT WARRANT THAT THE CONTENT WILL MEET YOUR NEEDS OR THAT EDUCATOR® SERVICES WILL BE PROVIDED WITHOUT INTERRUPTION OR BUG FREE. YOU ARE PROVIDED WITH THIS INFORMATION WITHOUT ANY EXPRESS OR IMPLED WARRANTY OF ANY KIND WHICH INCLUDES WITHOUT LIMITATION. ANY IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY WHICH MAY BE THERE ARE ONLY FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE AND NONINFRINGEMENT.

XIII. Limitation of Liability


XIV. Modification of Terms

Educator® has the full rights to modify any part or whole of these terms of service and such editing will be effective instantly while posting to the Educator® website.

XV. Indemnification

You should accept to indemnify and protect Educator® and all of its officers, partners and employees against any liability, losses or costs which include attorney fees incurred by Educator® in association with any claim, which includes any liability or expense arising out of the utilization of Educator® Services. It also includes the content and the stuff you submit to Educator® Services. You will be provided with written notice of such suit or claim by Educator®.

XVI. Arbitration

American Arbitration Association will settle any controversy or claim arising out of or relating to this Agreement by binding arbitration. American Arbitration Association will arbitrate any controversy or claim on an individual basis and will never mix up with any claim or controversy of any other party. The arbitration will be done in San Francisco, California, and the decision on the arbitration award may be entered in to any law court. On the contrary Educator® will not withstand anything and may seek injunctions or some forms of relief from any court of competent jurisdiction.

XVII. Miscellaneous

The entire agreement between you and Educator® Services is constituted in this Agreement. If any part of the provision of this Agreement is found out to be inaccurate or false, then such provision will be removed and it will be replaced by a legit enforceable provision which closely resembles the original provision along with the enforcement of the rest of the provisions. The interpretation of this Agreement will be done in accordance with the Laws of the State of California.